The Secret Blend is about enjoying life.
It is about aiming for happiness with a glint in your eye. It is about identifying and defining your own dreams and progressing towards them in a determined manner.

It is about bold, fearless and occasionally crazy decisions, without worrying about others’ opinions. It is about hard and objective work as well as pleasureful relaxing.

It is about doing things and spending time together with friends and loved ones, as well as helping others. It is about knowing yourself and focusing on the most important things in life.

It is about caring for the environment and other people,
and a child-like interest towards new things.
It is about moving to Indonesia, free-diving in an ice hole or buying a set of drums for a studio in an apartment building.

It is a salute to the sun during yoga and singing “Don't stop believing” in karaoke. It is avocado eaten for breakfast and fernet drunk after midnight.
It is both a high school sweetheart and a summer festival date. The Secret Blend is a mixture of BLISS and TWIST. It is your life's recipe for success in happiness, and only you can define it.